How to Make Banana Pancakes [Recipe]

How to Make Banana Pancakes

Starting the day with a warm, delicious batch of pancakes is definitely satisfying. But depending on how much you eat and how much syrup, whipped cream and toppings you stack on it, pancakes can make for a carb-heavy, fat-heavy and sugar-heavy breakfast. Fear not, fellow pancake-lover! Banana pancakes (yes, made with actual bananas to replace pancake flour) are healthier, lighter and more vitamin-rich—and you only need two ingredients to make ‘em.

What You’ll Need

1 Medium ripe banana
2 Medium eggs

Seriously. That’s it.

Why bananas?

untitled-design22Unlike your typical pancake mix, bananas are virtually fat-free. One medium ripe banana contains less than 0.5 gram of fat. Bananas are also known for being potassium-rich, having over 400 grams of it in a single serving. Potassium not only helps maintain fluid balance in the body; it is an essential mineral that supports the function of the nerves, heart, brain, kidneys, and muscular tissues. Bananas do have sugar content, but they are also high in dietary fiber, making sure that your digestion flows naturally and efficiently. Paired with eggs, you get a filling, fiber-rich and protein-rich breakfast!

How to make banana pancakes

Banana PancakesHere are five simple steps to get you started on your Banana Pancakes:

  1. Place the peeled banana in a bowl and mash it.
  2. Whisk two eggs and pour the mixture onto the mashed banana.
  3. Mix well until you get a smooth, creamy consistency.
  4. Use a non-stick pan and set the stove to medium heat. Pour small amounts of the mixture into the pan and let each pancake cook for one minute before flipping them over.

    TIP: Keep your pancakes nice and small—ideally two (2) tablespoons of batter for each pancake. The absence of flour makes it difficult for the mixture to hold together. Making small portions will not only make your pancakes easier to shape, but also easier to flip.

  5. Transfer your finished pancakes onto a plate, and voila! Serve ‘em warm.

Healthy add-ons

Banana Pancakes with FruitsYou can make your Banana Pancakes tastier with some healthy add-ons, such as nut butter spread and fruit toppings. But remember: the more toppings you add to your pancakes, the heavier the meal gets! Make sure you stick to light and healthy ingredients.

Download the recipe card below, enjoy your delicious Banana Pancakes, and have a great morning!

Banana Pancakes Recipe Infographic

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