8 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Say Thank You

Quick! Think of that one person in your life who has constantly made you feel loved and cared for. Got someone in mind? Great—that person deserves a big ‘thank you’.

Here at Woozy, we don’t just promote physical health; we advocate strong, healthy relationships, too! For that extraordinary someone you want to thank, here are 8 fun and clever ways to show them that much-deserved appreciation.

Say it with a letter or a card

Say thank you with a cardMake no mistake—writing to someone is still #cool. There’s also something very poetic and heartfelt about personally jotting down your thoughts and feelings for someone. Whether it’s a quick thank-you note on a Post-It, an adorable greeting card, or a full-blown handwritten letter, it’s a simple but touching way to let someone know you appreciate them.

(Oh, and we made you these Woozy cards that you can download and print out!)

Woozy Thank You Cards

Say it with a video

Say thank you with a videoIf a picture says a thousand words, then a thank-you video must be sheer poetry. Put together a quick reel of your favorite moments together or do something endearing and end it with a warm message of gratitude. You don’t even have to be a wiz at editing; there are lots of apps you can use, like Magisto and Splice.

Say it with flowers

Say thank you with flowersRoses are red / violets are blue. Give your loved one a bouquet / to say thank you! It’s an old-school move, but a nice gift of flowers (or plants) never fails to make a person smile. (Just make sure they’re not allergic!)

Say it with music

Say thank you with musicHit record and sing a song about how awesome your special someone is. This is your opportunity to express how much you appreciate that person and, at the same time, show off your songwriting and performance chops! But let’s say you love music and, unfortunately, music doesn’t love you back. No worries. You can always put together a mix CD to say thanks!

Say it with a gift

Say thank you with a giftLet your gratitude show in a simple, but heartwarming gift. There are a lot of possibilities; you can get them a nice shirt or tickets to a movie they want to see. You can also go for something personally crafted by you, like a papier-mâché photo frame. Just browse Pinterest or Tumblr for handcraft ideas!

Say nothing at all, but give ‘em a big hug!

Say thank you with a hugHugs are the nonverbal Ninth Wonder of the World. They allow you to pass on your message of thanks in the form of human warmth.

Say it with decorations

Say thank you with decorationsImagine the look on that person’s face when they see streamers with their name on it while being showered with colorful confetti. It takes time and effort, but it’ll definitely show them how much you want to thank them!

Say it with food

Say thank you with foodNothing says #gratitude like a nice serving of your loved one’s fave dish. If you’re not sure what their all-time favorite is, here’s a sneaky tip: check their Instagram to see what kind of food shots they post or ask them to complete an online quiz about food. Hopefully that’ll do the trick, but if all else fails, you can never go wrong with one of these easy recipes for preparing sweet, thoughtful treats that are not only tasty, but healthy.

You can find these ideas on Pinterest, too! Don’t forget to share the results with us. We’d love to hear about your special moment. Tag @WoozyLabs on Twitter and Instagram!

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