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The Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Chocolate bar with a gold wrapper

How Chocolate Bar Wrappers Evolved Over the Years: A Quick Look

When you are in the food business, you make it your business to know everything there is about food and the right way to package and sustain it. But here are a few interesting things we bet you didn’t know about chocolate bar wrappers.

For example, Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolates are today synonymous with their violet wrappers. But when the company first launched its milk chocolate bar back in 1897, the wrapper was designed with a light background. In 1905, they switched to a pink wrapper with red lettering and graphics. It was only in 1915 that Cadbury’s started using the violet wrappers that we all know and love.

For more such interesting facts and tidbits about chocolate wrappers, have a look at the below infographic from Cera Packaging!

The Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar Wrapper

The world of chocolate has changed massively since its conception in the early 1900s.

Early wrappers were made from basic tin foil with limited colors and graphic until they evolved into the colorful aluminum wrappers that we see today.

The packaging of chocolate bars has even evolved into the psychology of the human brain and its reaction to seeing certain colors.

Take a look at this great infographic below and learn some of the history behind the evolution of the chocolate bar.

Evolution of Chocolate Bar Wrapper Infographic

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