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Top 5 Germ HotSpots in Your Household

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Germ Hotspots Revealed by House Sampling Studies

Think the bathroom is the dirtiest place in your home? You may be surprised to find otherwise. Studies conducted across several universities have uncovered the germ hotbeds common to most homes. Each of these areas are loaded with potentially dangerous bacteria and other microbes that can cause foul odors and spread sickness, especially to children and pets.

Let’s look at the worst offender of them all:

Kitchen sink germ spots

Yes, the kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet bowl, at least when it comes to germ activity. It takes the number one spot on our list of dirtiest areas of your home. Be sure to clean it regularly to avoid the incredible number of food-borne microbes that contaminate the entire sink area.


All across your countertops and inside the appliances lie millions of bacteria, ready to find their way into a human host if left uncleaned.

The kitchen is the germiest area of your home. Keep this in mind as you prioritize your cleaning time; germs are more than just a source of odor, they can make kids, pets, and even adult family members sick and are therefore vital to disinfect on a regular basis.

No room needs more attention than the areas where foods are prepared. Clean Mama wipes them down after every meal as part of her daily cleaning routine.

Our next room is much less of a surprise:
Bathroom germ spots

Yes, the bathroom is also quite germy. You may have thought it would take the number one spot, in fact. But although it’s not quite as bacteria-ridden as the kitchen, the microbes are certainly there, shed directly from the people in your household.

The important thing to remember about the bathroom is that the places that don’t smell can harbor even more bacteria than those that do! As you see above, your often clean smelling bathtub is a literal hotbed of germs, which can easily be transferred from person to person if not regularly disinfected.

Now, onto the third dirtiest room:

Living room germ spots

If you have a pet, your living room may rank even higher on the list. Dogs and cats drag incredible amounts of germs from the outside and leave them all across your home as they shed their furs. Children do the same, to a lesser degree.

Because the living room is a shared activity room, it’s also a place where guests and family members can transfer germs quite easily. If someone in the family is sick, consider discouraging them from using the common rooms. Ask them to stay in their own private space to avoid infecting others. Alison at gives a few recipes for home based cleaners that are easier on the eyes and nostrils than most commercial cleaners.

Also, be sure to clean frequently used items like remotes and computer keyboards to keep the germs at bay and illnesses from spreading. A quite disinfection sweep is in order whenever someone in the family gets sick.

Finally, onto our last dirty room:

Bedroom germ spots

Unlike the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, bedrooms tend to be a less trafficked and shared space. But don’t let those facts deter you from a regular cleaning! Bedsheets that haven’t changed for weeks (or even months, eww) can be as dirty as bathtubs and kitchen appliances. And you’re lying in it, all night!

Dirty laundry is another potential germ hotspot, a literal germ port of entry from the outside world into your laundry basket floor. Tip: don’t throw dirty laundry on the floor. And consider doing as the Minimalist Mom does, and stop folding it too.

Keeping germ-free doesn’t have to be hard

We hope this presentation of germs in the home has given you better insight on where to clean. We understand life is too short to be cleaning all time. It’s why ELS Cleaners exists, after all!

When you’re short on time, prioritizing really is key. You know now that the kitchen is the mega-germ hotbed, so turn there first. Wipe down the kitchen grime spots, and always be sure to use proper disinfecting procedures and products so that germs really are removed for your efforts. If you have a pet, pay extra attention to the living room and other areas of frequent travel by your four-legged family member as well.

Stay clean and healthy!

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