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How to Motivate Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Mom motivating her daughter to clean her room

If you are a parent, welcome to the world of problems and worries. Being a parent is a full-time job and sometimes it can be very tricky, and mind-boggling about how to do something. Especially when it comes to making your kids do chores. All kids love playing and of course, none love cleaning. There might be very rare occasions of toddlers who love cleaning, but they are not aware that they are actually doing chores. The moment they grow up enough to know what they are doing, they just stop doing it. And here starts the tricky part – how to get them to do chores.


Keep Calm and Carry On

What you should keep in mind is that you should never get angry or yell at them, no kid, regardless how old the kid is, likes to be yelled at. And the other thing is that you should start them as young as possible. Do not wait for them to be older and understand more to start making your kids clean their rooms, for example. This is the least thing you can teach them to do from a young age.

Stay Organized

Cleaning and organizing should go hand in hand in every room, and the kids’ room is not an exception. There are a lot of ways and methods to motivate your kids to start cleaning and tidying their room. You just have to be creative and remain calm, for your sake mostly.

While cleaning up, make a rule that toys which have not been used in the last few months are to be donated. Limit the number of toys they have in their room, and for the rest of the things, designate a place for everything – toys, books, clothes, etc. They should know which things should go where.

Tip 1: Read

If your kids are preschoolers and cannot read by themselves, try having them clean and organize their room, while you read them an interesting story (You can never go wrong with Harry Potter!). You could even make it a competition if you have two or more kids. Give each a list of things they need to do in the room before the story (or chapter) ends.

Tip 2: Competition

Another way to get them to compete with each other and do chores is by writing a list of chores on a board, for each kid to do, and when they are done with all of their chores, give them a star sticker (mostly for younger ones). Or make the cleaning process a game – turn up the music so that they can dance and sing while they are cleaning their room.

Tip 3: Reward

And of course, probably the best way to motivate your kids, of all ages, is to reward them! You know what your kids want and what you do not let them have daily – promise them a reward if they clean and organize their room. Whether it is chocolate, cake, ice cream, a walk, going to the cinema, more allowance, or something else, give them a reward when they behave and do a good job tidying their room.
PerfectCleaners Stockwell advises you to get different baskets and label them so that your kids know which toys or clothes should go where. This way they will not misplace them, or use the other one’s clothes or toys. Plus, dusting and vacuuming are not hard to do. What is more, do not be very soft on your children, teaching them to do chores is a very important part of their growing up. It teaches them about responsibility and that every person in the family has to contribute to the well-being of the household. They should know where the dirty laundry should go, and where to keep their toys.

And make try to make your kids pleased with the fact that they are helping around the house. Give them easy tasks and then harder. Let them feel the gratification of dealing with something hard, new and challenging on their own. It is something that they will thank you later for.

Guest Blogger: Sophie Lawrence

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