IKEA recall expands to include all dressers

IKEA announced today that they have expanded their recall. The recall now includes all children’s dressers taller than 23 1/2 inches, and all adult dressers taller than 29 1/2 inches that were sold up to June 2016. The recall is due to the safety risk posed by chests of drawers that are not securely anchored to the wall. Tip-over incidents involving IKEA products which were not securely anchored has resulted in multiple deaths and injuries to children up to age 10.

The photograph below depicts the tip-over threat of dressers, which have not been properly secured. Click here to read the full article on the New York Times.


Which Products Were Recalled?

The affected products are listed as follows:
Alesund, Alleby, Alvesta, Aneboda, Angus, Ånes, Arup, Askedal, Askvoll, Aspelund, Balstar, Bankeryd, Bergsmo, Bialitt, Birkeland, Blimp, Boj, Brett, Brimnes, Boksta, BJÖRN, BÖRKVALLA, Brusali, Busunge, Diktad, Edland, Elis, Engan, Eksil, Fjell, Fjord, Flaten, Fridolin, Granås, Gute, Haddal, Hajdeby, Hemnes, Hensvik, Herrestad, Holleby, Hovdal, Hopen, Hosteland, Hurdal, IKEA PS, Kabin, Kirkenes, Knot, Koppang, Kusk, Kurs, Kullen, Kviby, Leksvik, Lo, Lomen, Mac, Malm, Mast, Mammut, Mandal, Meråker, Midsund, Natura, Narvik, Nordli, Nordnes, Nornas, Nyvoll, Ottenby, Rakke, Ramberg, Ranvik, Rodd, Robin, Rustik, Sala, Skarnes, Sandefjord, Stranda, Sveio, Stavanger, Stockholm, Stuva, Sundvik, Tarva, Tassa, Tovik, Trandum, Trogen, Trondheim, Trysil, Tyssedal, Undredal, Varde, Vajer, Vallvik, Vestby, Vinstra, Visdalen, Vollen


How to Return an Affected Product

If you have one of the recalled chests or dressers, IMMEDIATELY STOP USE and place it in an area that is not accessible by children.

Consumer Contact

Consumers can call IKEA toll-free at 866-856-4532 or online at for more information on how to receive a refund or free wall-anchoring repair kit.


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