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Are You Measuring Your Child’s Medicine Properly?

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Children and Medicine

It can be tricky to give children medicine. If you’re able to get it into their mouth without them spitting it up or complaining about the taste, you’ve done pretty well. However, it turns out that getting the medicine in is not as problematic as ensuring you are giving your child the great dosage.

Difficulty Measuring Medication

According to a recent piece on NPR by Patti Neighmond, there are many issues assorted with delivering medication to children. “In this study, the biggest mistake parents made was overdosing.”

This isn’t due to any oversight by the parents but rather the reliability of the dosing cups parents were using. These cups resulted in four times the likelihood of a dosage error occurring when compared to a syringe.

How to Accurately Measure Medications

According this article by HealthDay, “To measure out the most accurate dose, parents should pour liquid medication into a dosing cup, and then draw it up into an oral syringe, Hammond said. That method provides a quick double-check of the dose, and also prevents a syringe from potentially contaminating a bottle of medicine.” (click here for the full article)

This infographic from the Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatrician Wadie Shabab, MD, explains how to avoid the most common errors.
Medication Dosing Infographic

Medication Dosing Infographic

Where to get an oral syringe

It’s important to ensure your syringes stay free of contamination. Click here for oral syringes from Amazon.
Oral Syringe Example

Click here to read the original piece on NPR.

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