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DIY Remedy for a Sunburn – Infographic

The Sun and Vitamin D

The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, which helps our bodies regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption. Calcium and phosphorus are important for our immmune systems and the development and growth of bones and teeth. Learn more about other benefits of vitamin D here.


Overexposure and Sunburns

Over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light causes damage to our skin, eyes, and immune systems. The sun generates three kinds of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA rays cause wrinkling and melanoma, while UVB rays cause sunburns and cataracts. For more information on the sun’s rays, click here.


Sunburns can happen gradually after a long day in the sun (referred to as an “after-burn”). Or, more often, sunburns can happen while out in the sun. Symptoms of sunburn are reddening of skin, chills, and skin that’s itchy and tight. Avoid sunburns by consistently applying sunscreen of SPF30 or greater (take a look at our infographic for choosing a sunscreen)

Home Remedies for Sunburns

If you do get sunburned, check out our infographic below for some at-home remedies you can use to relieve the burn.

Infographic with information on sunburn remedies

What are some of your go-to sunburn remedies? Leave us a comment below!

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