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School Lunch Ideas That Are Healthy & Nutritious

Healthy School lunch of carrots and a pb&j sandwich

School Lunch


A proper school lunch is key to academic success. Children who lack proper nutrition, either through breakfast or lunch, have difficulty focusing in school resulting in lower academic performance.

Healthy Habits at Home

According to this article on, “Why Healthy School Meals Matter” the following can help reinforce healthy eating habits with children:

  1. Involve more on-site food preparation and actual cooking
  2. Include more locally produced food
  3. Include more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fat-free/low-fat milk and milk products

These same habits are just as important when it comes to involving children in the preparation of their lunches. By instilling a love of healthy food at a young age, children are better set up for a lifetime of healthy choices.

Lunch Infographic

The infographic below provides some tips and tricks for tackling school lunches this year including the right kind of lunch box, a clever way of organizing lunch ingredients, and lunch ideas for the whole year.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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The infographic above features the following content:

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