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Back to School Sniffles: How to Keep the Whole Family Healthy

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Colder Temperatures Mean Cold & Flu Season

Once kids head back to school, they are at an increased risk for sicknesses, which they bring back to the whole family. Schools are a big incubator of germs, and those germs can quickly get passed from one child to the next. But, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of those germs even passing your doorstep.

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

For starters, encourage your child to practice good hand washing, at home and at school. That includes a thorough scrubbing for the right amount of time (yes, singing really does help!). And then there are the basics: Kids need sleep and a healthy diet. Skimp on either one of those, and your child’s immune system may not be able to fight off viruses and bacteria. And if your child is under the weather, do everything you can to keep them home, away from others; you’ll appreciate the same if someone else in the classroom is sick.

Want more ideas to battle classroom illness? Check out this graphic.

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