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Keep Senior Citizens Healthy and Productive with a Senior Aide Program

Senior Aide Program: Helping senior citizens become productive and healthy

Productivity is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this is true even for people in their old age. In fact, one of the challenges faced by senior citizens is finding a job to sustain their medical needs and lifestyle, and being productive at it.

A number of seniors are in a situation where their retirement income cannot meet all their expenses, like medications and rent. When the time comes that they get sick, they end up using the majority of their savings for the medical expenses. However, older adults with health problems or limited experience may find it difficult to find a job that supports their needs, considering today’s tough competition.

Senior Citizen AideSeveral agencies offer a Senior Aide Program for low-income individuals aged 55 years and above. The program helps older adults become qualified to work in both public and private sectors, helping these individuals build their resume and search for jobs. It is also an opportunity for them to develop new skills through training and classroom learning.

With a Senior Aide Program, senior citizens are not limited to receiving retirement income; instead, they have the opportunity to become productive and develop a sense of purpose and community.  However, in for them to continue enjoying productivity and the other benefits of this program, some improvements need to be made.

Ignite the organization’s passion to coach senior citizens.

Senior Aide teaches senior citizens new skillsThe head of the department where the seniors are working are not just passing skills, knowledge and insights. They are the people who influence the improvement of the Senior Aide Program, so the organization must support or incentivize the heads to perform this task effectively. Although seniors must be able to self-direct, own and control their learning, they do not have the ability to do it by themselves. The role of the organization and its leaders is to coach them, guide them, and provide them with flexible learning options which can only be initiated by passionate leaders.

Establish trust between seniors and the organization.

senior-aide-3Seniors may require openness, transparency and honesty from the organization. The organization should not refuse or disengage their shares or ideas to the ongoing trainings and learning programs so that they will be able to enthusiastically pursue their sense of purpose. The organization has to show that they are quite active in pursuing the learning and career improvement.

Match career options and learning tools based on skills, knowledge, experience, and learning styles.

Senior Aide Programs should match learning styles with career assignmentsOrganizations must take the initiative to ensure that the job position matches the senior’s abilities, expectations, and preferences. Older adults are more likely to be interested in learning new skills and working in a different environment if the method or arrangement is suited to their lifestyle needs and learning styles. For example: they prefer part-time, so the organizations need to create more flexible career assignments. Definitely, seniors still have the capability to learn new skills and approaches, but they acquire these using their own style.

Similarly, the organization must provide the necessary technology for the seniors based on their skills and knowledge. By providing the seniors with the appropriate tools and working environment, they feel more comfortable and productive when performing the tasks that come with their career assignments.

An effective Senior Aide Program can change senior citizens' futures late in lifeA well-rounded Senior Aide Program—one that thoroughly takes into the account the needs and responsibilities that come with the initiative—can change the lives of senior citizens and create a positive impact on their wellbeing.

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