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The Ultimate Health Tip? Love Yourself!

Loving yourself is the ultimate health tip

They say the secret sauce to any relationship is unconditional love and commitment. Believe it or not, the same recipe applies to your own well-being. The ultimate health tip is pretty simple. Loving yourself and being committed to your needs is the most important, yet often overlooked step for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Lucky for you, we at Woozy volunteer as tribute to be your very own self-love guru. For starters, here’s a quick guide to showing yourself some love, inside and out.

Make yourself a priority.

Health Tip: Make Yourself a PrioritySure, it’s important to get work done, but don’t let stress get the best of you and eventually affect your health. Rest, eat right, and set aside time to do the things you love. Putting your well-being first is the biggest step towards a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Be your body’s caretaker.

Health Tip: Be Your Body's CaretakerYour body is your vessel. In order to keep doing the things you love that make you happy, you need to have a healthy body. Make sure you’re never short of exercise and that you get enough rest.

Surround yourself with other self-lovers.

Health Tip: Surround Yourself With Other Self-LoversPeople with self-love are the best kind of folks to hang out with—mindful, encouraging, and protective. They can be a positive influence on the way you feel about yourself. If you ever feel like you’re going off-track, you can always turn to these people for guidance. Or, you can simply spend some time with them. After all, a healthy disposition is contagious.

Eat what makes you better.

Health Tip: Eat What Makes You BetterBetter. Healthier. Happier. Improvement is the mantra we’re going for. But in order to get better and do better, you need to make sure you’re giving yourself the right kind of food. Take the time to learn which foods will give you better nutrition.

Foods and drinks rich in Vitamin A help improve vision. Vitamin C (found in pineapples, citrus fruits, and tomatoes) strengthens your immune system. Meanwhile, foods and beverages with Vitamin E contain antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol.

Make self-appreciation a daily habit.

Health Tip: Make Self-Appreciation a Daily HabitAlways list your achievements, no matter how small. Share them with the world, if you want. It isn’t vanity; it’s called being proud of yourself and keeping yourself motivated to do better every single day. That is what makes loving yourself the ultimate health tip.

The Round-up

Love Yourself Infographic

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